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James Hamblen - Professor

Dr. James O. Hamblen, a professor in the computer engineering area, joined the Georgia Tech Faculty in 1984 after graduating with his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Georgia Tech. His other degrees include an M.S.E.E. from Purdue University and a B.E.E. from Georgia Tech.


Prior to returning to Georgia Tech to work on his Ph.D., he worked several years in industry. While working on his M.S.E.E. degree he was employed by Wescom Inc. in Chicago, Illinois where he worked on the design of a fault-tolerant multiprocessor PBX system. Subsequently, he worked as a systems analyst for Texas Instruments in Austin, Texas, and as a senior engineer for Martin Marietta Corporation in Denver, Colorado. At Texas Instruments, he was involved in the design of the TMS9900 microprocessor development system. The TMS9900 was one of the world’s first 16-bit microprocessors. At Martin Marietta, he was a senior engineer in the software research and development section where he worked on computer systems for satellites and spacecraft. In 1999, he was a visiting faculty member at Intel in Phoenix, AZ. He teaches courses in digital hardware, computer architecture, operating systems, and embedded systems design.

In 2004, by a vote of the senior class in electrical and computer engineering, Professor Hamblen was awarded the Eta Kappa Nu Outstanding Teacher Award. In 2006, Professor Hamblen received Georgia Tech’s campus wide Class of 1940 W. Roane Beard Outstanding Teacher Award and in 2014, the Class of 1934 Outstanding Innovative Use of Educational Technology Award. At Georgia Tech, Professor Hamblen has taught over six thousand students in his classes, and he has obtained several million dollars of equipment donations and grants from industry to help equip the computer engineering instructional laboratories. Professor Hamblen's current research interests include rapid prototyping with FPGAs, embedded systems, computer architecture, continuous system simulation, and SoPC design. He has had funded research projects and grants from NSF, the Ballistic Missile Defense Advanced Technology Center, IBM, Digital Equipment Corporation, the US Army, the US Air Force, Intel, Cypress Semiconductor, and Microsoft.

Instructional Materials for Students


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ECE 4180 Embedded Systems Design

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ECE/CS 6100/4100 Advanced Computer Architecture


ECE 2036 Engineering Software Design


ECE 4006 Sr. Design Project


ECE 3710 Circuits and Electronics


ECE 3055 Computer Architecture and Operating Systems


ECE 2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering


ECE 2031 Digital Design Laboratory



Judging the recent Imagine Cup Embedded Challenge Student Design Contest Finals at the Louvre, a year earlier in Seoul,


The embedded challenge student design contest awards ceremony at the Pyramids of Giza,


And more recently the embedded challenge student demo booth area at the Warsaw opera house.

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Two of Georgia Tech’s Student Teams at the WESC Design Contest Finals in Seattle.

Recent Student mbed Projects from ECE 4180

Selected Publications

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