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The School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jay Schlag - Professor

I am currently retired from the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Jay H. Schlag received the B.S. (E.E) degree from Duke University in 1960, the M.S. (E.E) and Ph.D. (E.E) from Georgia Tech in 1964 and 1967, respectively. In the early sixties, he worked at Philco Corporation. He was appointed to the Georgia Tech faculty in 1967 and was made full professor in 1979. He teaches and does research in computer applications and computer aided design tools. Since joining the faculty he has served as a consultant for several companies including Georgia Power Company, Siemens Corporation, and King and Spalding Law Offices. His publications include some 80 technical reports and articles which he was either sole or co-author.

Professor Schlag's current research interests include: (1) design of very large scale integrated circuits, (2) development of computer aided design tools for hybrid circuit design, (3) development of design tools for a group design environment , and (4) applications of computer systems and computer networks. This research utilizes his experience in the areas of computer applications to control systems, power systems, biomedical instrumentation, and solar energy instrumentation. He has also developed computer aided design tools for the design of VLSI circuits and microprocessor development systems.

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