Aaron with synth class students Instructor: Prof. Aaron Lanterman
Office: Centergy 5212 (but I'm rarely there)
Phone: 404-385-2548
E-mail: lanterma@ece.gatech.edu (best way to reach me)
Course website: users.ece.gatech.edu/~lanterma/ems

When and where: TuTh, 12:05-1:25, Van Leer C341

The photo: Xavier, Aaron, and Christine showing off Xavier+Christine's design for a voltage-controlled phaser (from Spring 2006)

(Note: I often abbreviate the class title as "EMS." This usage of "EMS" should not be confused with "EMS" as in Electronic Music Studios, the makers of many classic synthesizers such as the Synthis.)

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Dear readers from outside the class: If you find these lectures useful, please consider making a small donation (maybe $25 or thereabouts, although any amount is appreciated) to the Georgia Tech Foundation earmarked to go towards my synthesizer research; the funds will go towards parts and equipment for student projects. Here are instructions on how to donate.


We will draw material from numerous sources: book, articles, patents, and particularly schematics and descriptions posted on websites. Think of google as the main class text. Here's some good ones: