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Hsien-Hsin S. Lee is an Associate Professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Tech. He received his PhD degree in computer science and engineering from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. His main research interests include computer architecture, multiprocessors, low power VLSI, cyber security, 3D graphics, and 3D ICs (a different kind of 3D). Prior to joining academia, he was a senior processor architect at Intel Corporation, in both the product design teams (MD6) and the microprocessor research labs (MRL). During his tenure at Intel, he started working on logic verification and structural testing for P6S (Pentium Pro 200MHz). Then, he was heavily involved in the evaluation of MMX in P-II for 3D games (being the first engineer who identified the notorious EMMS switching penalty in P-II but absent in PPMT that created a havoc in the entire industries), the definition of the first SSE instruction set, and the design of prefetch functionality for Katmai processor (P-III), and was responsible for publishing Intel's Geometry roadmap for 3D graphics. He co-authored the memory optimization and prefetch scheduling chapters in the Intel Architecture Software Optimization Reference Manual. He also worked on Microsoft's Direct3D 6.1, porting its 3D geometry pipeline using SSE ISA. In addition, he was involved in the early architecture planning of one of the first integrated CPU/GPU processors (Timna) prior to Y2K. In MRL, he studied the ILP limit and instruction reuse techniques for Itanium Processor Family. He later joined as the architecture manager of StarCore DSP Technology Center, a joint design center of Agere Systems and Motorola, Inc. In this job capacity, he led the architecture development of the StarCore SC-140e and a future high-frequency, deep-pipelined DSP for 3G infrastructure.

At Georgia Tech, Dr. Lee leads the Microprocessor Architecture ReSearch (MARS) Lab at the School of ECE, nurturing an army of enthusiastic geeks into classy, seasoned researchers to carry out our mission and shake up the high-tech industry. Dr. Lee has co-authored 4 papers that won the Best Paper Awards in MICRO-33, CASES-2004, IBM PAC2, and ANCS-2011, and 3 papers nominated for the Best Paper Award in HPEC-07, FPL-07, and ICCAD-2009. He holds 4 U.S. patents in the area of memory subsystems and 3D graphics. Dr. Lee received the DoE Early CAREER PI Award in 2005, the 2006 ECE Outstanding Jr. Faculty Member Award at Georgia Tech, and the NSF CAREER Award in 2007. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and a senior member of both the ACM and the IEEE.


ECE2030 Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECE3055 Computer Architectures and Operating Systems
ECE4893A/CS4803 Multicore and GPU Programming for Video Games
ECE4100/6100 Advanced Computer Architecture
ECE7102 RISC Architecture
CS8001 Computer Architecture Seminar, a.k.a. Arch-Beer (co-teach with CoC comrades Prvulovic, Loh, Clark, and Kim.)
CS8803 Languages and Compilers for Embedded Systems (Only in Korea University.)
ECE8833 Polymorphic and Many-Core Computer Architecture

Professional Service
Assoc. Editor IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2012-Present.
IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (TCAD), 2010-Present.
ACM Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization (TACO), 2009-Present.
Journal of Information Science and Engineering (JISE), Academia Sinica, 2011-Present.
The Computer Journal, Special Issue on Architecture/OS Support for Embedded Multi-core Systems, 2010. (Guest Co-editor)
International Journal of Embedded Systems, 2004-Present.
PC Member IEEE MICRO Top Picks 2013, ASP-DAC 2013, DATE 2013, IISWC 2012, 3D-TEST'12, ICCD 2012, ICS-2012, ISCA-39, CF-2012, ASP-DAC 2012, 3D-TEST'11, ICCD-2011, ASQED'11, WEST 2011, SPAA-2011, PADO 2011, MASVDC 2010, ICS-Taiwan 2010, MICRO-43, ISVLSI'10, INTERACT-14, IEEE MICRO Top Picks 2010, VLSI Design 2010, VLSI-SoC-09, ICCD-09, PACT-18 poster, BiC-09, PESPMA-09, IISWC'09, ICS'09, SOCC'09, 3DIntegration09, INTERACT-13, ICCD-2008, CASES-08, SOCC 2008, ISCA-35, INTERACT-12, CF-08, VLSI-SoC 2008, ICESS 2008, SOCC 2007, ESO 2007, ICCD-07, CASES-07, VLSI-SoC 2007, WIOSCA-07, ICPADS-07, CF-07, HPCA-13, ICCD-06, CASES-06, ISCA-33, WIOSCA-06, SOCC-06, EUC-06, ICPADS-06, IOSCA-05, CASES-05, ICCD-05, ICESS-05, SOCC-05, PDES-05, CASES-04, ICESS-04, CTCES-04, EUC-04
ISCA-39, 2012 (Student Travel Award Chair)
IISWC-2011 (Steering Committee)
IISWC-2010 (General Chair)
MICRO-43, 2010 (Workshops and Tutorials Chair)
MICRO-42, 2009 (Registration Chair)
ISVLSI'09 (Track chair of VLSI Circuit and Architecture)
ESWEEK 2008 (A/V Co-Chair)
ICS2008 Taiwan (Co-Chair, Workshop of Computer Architecture, SoC, and Embedded Systems)
VLSI-SoC 2007 (Special Session Chair)
MICRO-39, 2006 (Tutorial & Workshop Chair)
External Review
MICRO-45, , ISCA-36
Workshop organizer WISA-06, WISA-07
Workshop panelist/
WTAI in conj. with MICRO-43, 2010
HPPAC in conj. with IPDPS-2010
WAMT in conj. with ASPLOS-10
CMP-MSI'10 in conj. with HPCA-16
3D Integration'09 in conj. with HPCA-15, 2009
MSPC08 in conj. with ASPLOS-08
Tutorial on 3D integration for architects in conj. with ISCA-35, 2008

Honor and Awards
¥ Class of 1934 Course Survey Teaching Effectiveness Award, Georgia Tech, 2012
¥ Best Paper Award, the ACM/IEEE Symposium on Architectures of Networking and Communications Systems (ANCS), Brooklyn, NY, 2011.
¥ IBM Faculty Award, 2011
¥ IEEE MICRO Top Picks, 2011
¥ MIT HPEC Best Paper Award Finalist, 2007
¥ NSF CAREER Award, 2007
¥ ECE Outstanding Junior Faculty Member Award, Georgia Tech, 2006
¥ Best Paper Award, the 2nd IBM Watson Conference on Interaction between Architecture, Circuits, and Compilers (P=AC2), Yorktown Heights, NY, 2005.
¥ Department of Energy Early CAREER PI Award, 2005.
¥ Best Paper Award, ACM/IEEE International Conference on Compilers, Architecture, Synthesis for Embedded Systems (CASES-2004), Washington D.C., 2004.
¥ Horace H. Rackham Distinguished Dissertation Award, University of Michigan, 2001.
¥ Best Paper Award, the 33rd ACM/IEEE International Symposium on Microarchitecture (MICRO-33), Monterey, California, 2000.
¥ Intel Foundation Fellowship, 2000-2001.
¥ Intel Division Award, 1998.
¥ Valedictorian, Class 1990, National Tsinghua University, 1990.
¥ President Mei Memorial Award, 1989. (Learn more about Mei in English, or Wikipedia in Chinese.)

US Patent Patent Information Assignee Year granted
6,223,276 Pipelined processing of short data streams using data prefetching. (with Vladimir Pentkvoski and Hsien-Cheng Hsieh) Intel Corp. 2001
6,356,270 Efficient Utilization of Write-combining Buffers. (with Vladimir Pentkovski, Hsien-Cheng Hsieh, Maiyuran Subramanium.) Intel Corp. 2001
6,369,813 Processing Polygon Meshes using Mesh Pool Window. (with Vladimir Pentkovski, Deep Buch, Michael Dwyer, and Hsien-Cheng Hsieh.) Intel Corp. 2001
6,643,745 Method and Apparatus for prefetching data into cache. (with Salvador Palanca, Niranjan Cooray, Angad Narang, Vladimir Pentkovski, Steve Tsai, Subramaniam Maiyuran, Jagannath Keshava, Steve Spangler, Suresh Kuttuva, Praveen Mosur.) Intel Corp. 2003

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