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Salman Asif(Description: Description: Description: Description: flag_Pakistan)


Email:††† sasif at (gatech or rice) dot edu


I completed my Ph.D. at Georgia Tech under the supervision of Prof. Justin Romberg.


I am currently a post-doctoral associate in the DSP group at Rice University.


Video CS codes can be downloaded from this link.

Main folder contains some demo files, which can be a good starting point. Send me an email if you have any question.


Please cite the following paper or thesis if you use these codes in your work.


         M. Salman Asif, Felix Fernandes, and Justin Romberg, Low-complexity video compression and compressive sensing, Asilomar 2013

         M. Salman Asif, Dynamic Compressive Sensing: Sparse recovery algorithms for streaming signals and videos. PhD Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology. August 2013



I am working in the area of Compressive Sensing (CS). Our main interest is to understand sparse signal models and experiment with different reconstruction techniques for the fast and efficient recovery of signals from compressed measurements.







Low complexity video compression @ Duke workshop, July 2011

LASSO vs. Dantzig selector @ CISS, March 2010

Basis pursuit with dynamic updates @ CAMSAP, December 2009

Channel protection @ ITW, October 2009

Dynamic updating for sparse time varying signals @ CISS, March 2009

Streaming measurements in compressive sensing @ Asilomar, October 2008



L1 Homotopy methods [github]

Video compressive sensing [code]

Dynamic MRI

Wavelet toolbox

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Last Modified: November 02, 2014