ECE 6610
Wireless Networks
Professor: Raghupathy Sivakumar

Course Description

Recent years have witnessed a tremendous growth in the proliferation of wireless networking technologies in the Internet. The tether-less communication capabilities that wireless networks offer to mobile users have made them an attractive alternative to conventional wireline networks. The advent of wireless networks into the Internet has however necessitated a rethinking of the design of traditional Internet protocols. Specifically, the distinctly different characteristics of wireless networks require a fundamental redesign of protocols at all layers of the network protocol stack. This class will involve the study of the impact of wireless network characteristics on existing network protocols, and newer protocols that are suited to such characteristics. Protocols for medium access control, scheduling, routing, and reliable transport, in addition to middleware and applications custom-made for wireless networks will be dealt with. Most of the material for the class will be borrowed from research publications in the area. The class will include a mini-project and three programming assignments.

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Programming Assignments

Contact Information

Raghupathy Sivakumar
Room 5164, Centergy
75 Fifth Street
Atlanta, GA 30308
Email: siva at ece dot gatech dot edu