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Ye is currently working toward the Ph.D. degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology with Prof. Meliopoulos at Power Systems Control and Automation Laboratory. He also received a M.E. and a B.E. in Control Science and Engineering at Tsinghua University.

Ye's research interests center around model, operation and optimization issues in large scale power systems, such as optimal power flow problem.


Power System Modeling, Optimization, and Protection (08/2008 - present)

  • Proposed a robust and high-efficient optimal power flow algorithm for large-scale power systems via quadratic model.
  • Built quadratic power system model using C++.
  • Developing instantaneous frequency, phase, and magnitude estimation algorithms for phase measurement unit (PMU).
  • Developing protective relaying algorithms to enable relays to recognize Fault Induced Delayed Voltage Recovery (FIDVR) and classify the event as stable voltage recovery or non-recovery.
  • Developing algorithms to mitigate or eliminate FIDVR phenomena by strategically doing static and dynamic VAR resource investment.
  • Implemented state estimation approaches.
  • Implemented transient stability simulation algorithms by numerical integration.
  • Investigated the impact of pluggable hybrid cars on distribution transformers.

Very Large Scale Integration Estimation and Optimization (08/2006 - 08/2008)

  • Proposed an analytical model to estimate the affect of decoupling capacitance (decap) on delay, devised an algorithm to place decap using sequential linear programming.
  • Identified the relationship of 3D system design including congestion estimation, routing, buffer allocation, decap placement, and coupling of inductance and capacitance.

Discrete Event Dynamic System (09/2003 - 07/2006)

  • Identified and proved the convergence property of min-max system, a category of discrete event dynamic system. Proposed a revised algorithm to compute the steady cyclic time of min-max system.

Other Projects

  • Display PDF File Format on an Embedded System (02/2003-07/2003)
  • Central Air-condition Monitoring System (06/2005-09/2005)
  • Optical Spectrometer Controlling System (02/2004-03/2004)
  • Computer Voting Dystem for the Standing Committee of People's Congress Council in Beijing (07/2002-09/2002)


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03/2009-now Vice-President, Chinese Friendship Association, Georgia Institute of Technology.
09/2009 Director, Chinese Student and Scholar's Celebration Party for the China's 60th Anniversary at Atlanta. 

05/2008-08/2008 Teaching Assistant for ECE6551 Digital Control.
01/2008-05/2008 Teaching Assistant for ECE3042 Microelectronics Laboratory.


Power System Control and Operation Power System Stability
Power System Relay and Protection Power System Engineering
Electric Power Quality Power Electronic Circuits
Power Machinery
Computability & Algorithms Linear Optimization
Operations Research Data Structures
Simulation Probabilistic Models
Linear System Theory Digital Control
Pattern Recognition System Identification
Advanced VLSI Systems Computer-Aided VLSI System Design
Physical Design Automated VLSI Digital Systems Test
Introduction to Microelectronics Technology Integrated and Low-Cost Microelectronics Systems Packaging


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