ECE 4180 Embedded Systems Design 

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Embedded Systems Design covers hardware and software design for higher-end embedded systems containing X86 and ARM based technology and other embedded devices that contain a 32-bit processor, memory, and an embedded operating system. A low-cost SoC embedded computer using an ARM processors and a larger X86 system using the Intel ATOM and Windows along with various other embedded devices are used for case studies, laboratory assignments, and a final student design project. The textbook is free in an electronic version, the software tools are free, and the mbed can be purchased for the price of a textbook (for students that want their own). ECE 3055,  Introduction to Computer Architecture and Operating Systems, or ECE 3035 and C/C++ programming skills are prerequisites. 

Course Materials

Hardware Reference Materials

Software Reference Materials

Programming Windows Embedded CE 6.0 Text
Free C++ and Java textbooks
Free C++ and Java textbooks (online GT only)
Windows CE Hello World and other Win32 API examples
Microsoft Software for Ga Tech ECE Students (Visual Studio and CE 6.0)
Ebox II SOC X86 Embedded Computer
Visual C quick tutorial
X86 Assembly Language Reference Manuals
Windows Embedded Home
Reference Materials for Lab Assignments

Recent Student mbed Projects from ECE 4180

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